The "Celtic" Building, also referred to as the Multipurpose facility, "Celtic" building (多目的施設“セルティック”, Tamokuteki shisetsu “serutikku”, lit. "Multipurpose facility 'Celtic'"), is a location in the video game killer7, and the setting of its first mission, Target00: Angel. It is a large Seattle, Washington apartment building which serves as the base of operations for the criminal Red Gunners.[1] On January 20, 2010,[1] Kun Lan invades the apartments, unleashing the Angel and Heaven Smiles upon the Red Gunners and prompting the Smith Syndicate to launch an investigation. The "Celtic" Building contains a number of ISZK products such as televisions, air conditioners and laundry equipment. The complex is also known as the Celtic Apartment.[2]


The building features a number of amenities and facilities:

  • The first floor contains the entrance lobby and elevator hall, as well as an underground parking lot where the Smiths encounter their first Duplicator Smile. This area also includes a tutorial for new players.
  • The second floor contains a number of residential apartments, as well as the laundry room facilities where Susie Sumner can be found tumbling inside a dryer. An outside balcony leads to more apartments as well as connecting to the upper floor.
  • The third floor lobby leads to a small bathroom as well as a shared library. The library also contains a sealed ward of bookshelves which can only be accessed by MASK de Smith's grenade launchers.
  • The fourth floor is accessed by the third floor balcony. This is a seemingly decrepid area full of half-broken walls and sealed corridors. Travis Bell can be found in a locked apartment here.
  • The fifth floor contains the building's boiler room and power facilities. On the other side of the boiler room is an incongruously elegant and stylish area that features an express elevator up to the sixth floor.
  • The sixth floor simply consists of a large, circular dance room where the Angel is fought, as well as a long hall where Kun Lan resides.

According to the indicators above the normal elevators in the building, there is also a seventh floor.

Names in other languages
Language Name Translation
Flag - EN English "Celtic" Building; Multipurpose facility, "Celtic" building
Flag - JP Japanese 多目的施設“セルティック” Tamokuteki shisetsu “serutikku” Multipurpose facility "Celtic"
Flag - JP Romaji Multipurpose facility "Celtic" building Multipurpose facility "Celtic" building
Flag - FR French Bâtiment “celte”; Bâtiment polyvalent "Celte" "Celtic" building; Multipurpose building "Celtic"
Flag - DE German "Celtic" - Gebäude; "Celtic" - Gebäude der Mehrzweckeinrichtung "Celtic" - building; "Celtic" - Multipurpose facility building


  1. 1.0 1.1 Hand in killer7. Capcom. August 2005.
  2. This area is referred to in game text as the "Celtic" Building, however an overhead sign in the front lobby reads Celtic Apartment.
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