The Big Boner (ビッグボナー, Biggubonā, lit. "Big Boner") is the tenth chapter of Shadows of the DAMNED. It is the only act where Garcia can wield the formidable Big Boner.

After defeating Elliot Thomas, Garcia and Johnson find themselves in the (surprisingly modern-looking) red-light entertainment district of the City of the Damned. At Johnson's request, Garcia uses a nearby telephone booth to dial the number for the "Angel Kiss" club. Following a brief but stimulating exchange, Johnson transforms into the Big Boner, an extremely long-barrelled shotgun version of the Boner. Garcia gets to immediately try out his new weapon when super-sized Hammerkop Demons begin to advance on them.

After defeating all the Hammerkops, Justine Divangelo appears and begins to taunt the duo with her dance moves. As she and her gramophone-wielding Demon assistant vanish into a portal, Garcia and Johnson decide to give chase and pursue her.


  • If a Hammerkop reaches Garcia, it will pick him up and fling him straight through one of the many suggestive-looking billboards, resulting in an instant (not to mention humiliating) game over.

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