The Castle of Hassle (ウザ城, Uza-jō, lit. "Castle Browser") is the eighteenth chapter of Shadows of the DAMNED.

After making his way through Gulkak-Zu-Barza-Lech-Tora-Ray's outer defenses, Garcia arrives at the castle's central tower. As he ascends he is repeatedly taunted by Fleming, forced to contend with a final Electrodiode Demon and subjected to a bizarre game of Demon Pachinko; however, once he reaches the top he is suddenly transported to a surreal, otherworldly area reminiscent of a study, above which hangs a blood-red sky.

This maze-like area consists of several strange locations, including an abattoir, a landscape made entirely of flesh and, perhaps strangest of all, a peaceful garden populated by flowers with humanoid faces. In the centre of this garden lies Paula's corpse, the sight of which reminds Garcia of the first time he found her. Her body can also be found, looking decidedly less serene, in a small overgrown fountain area, where she is clutching her throat with a look of agony on her face.

After escaping the maze and finding himself back in the main tower, Garcia enters the elevator at the rear of Fleming's CCTV-filled waiting room and rides up to the top for the final confrontation.

Red GemsEdit

  • Kill both the demons trapped in the Skullblaster Pachinko machine to receive a Red Gem.
  • Destroy the barrel at the top of the skeletal staircase, just before you go up the outer stairwell.
  • Destroy the barrel in the flesh-covered room with all the corpses dangling from the meathooks.


  • Oddly, a doppelganger of Garcia can be found cowering in a cage in the same chamber where the final Strawberry is found, although the 'real' Garcia will not even acknowledge it.

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