Alice's Residence[1] (元アリス邸, Moto Arisu-tei, lit. "Alice's House") is a location in Killer Is Dead. It is first visited during the events of the episode Episode 3: A Woman of Pain, and later during the sub-mission Bug Hunt.

Alice's house is located somewhere in Europe, and is situated in a quiet, otherwise unremarkable neighborhood. The house itself initially appears perfectly ordinary, but changes dramatically after Mondo speaks with "Alisa", Alice's sister. What was previously the front hall becomes a large, cube-shaped room themed after Alice in Wonderland.

Stairs and furniture decorate the walls and even the ceiling, and doors to other rooms (including an upside-down version of the living room, an indoor garden and a playroom stuffed with oversized toys) appear out of nowhere. A staircase made of piano keys leads to Alice's room, which appears to be made out of confectionery.


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