Bad Girl (バッドガール, Baddogaaru) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. She is a 23-year-old assassin who lives in the basement of Destroy Stadium, and is ranked second in the United Assassins Association.


Travis Touchdown encounters Bad Girl in the basement of Destroy Stadium. Bad Girl has a conveyor belt in the room which she uses to draw condemned criminals[2] wearing gimp suits close enough to her to use for target practice, clubbing the men with enough force to catapult them across the room. She chats with Touchdown, telling him that killing is nothing more than "the daily grind." Touchdown, disappointed in Bad Girl's lack of satisfaction from taking lives, calls her "no assassin, just a perverted killing maniac." In retaliation, Bad Girl claims that although her methods are crueler, in essence she and Touchdown, as assassins, are principally no different. She faces off against Touchdown, and their battle ends when Touchdown drives his beam katana through Bad Girl's abdomen. Refusing to give in, Bad Girl continues to pummel Touchdown until he claims to forfeit the match. Bad Girl succumbs to her wound almost immediately, and Talbot and Weller, the UAA's body disposal crew, arrive on the scene to remove her remains. Touchdown speaks to them briefly, but passes out from the shock of nearly being killed.

Ten years following her death, a picture of a younger Bad Girl appears in the trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Bad Girl dresses in a Sweet Lolita fashion, wearing a pink frilly dress and stockings. She is aggressive, violent, angry and very determined. Despite referring to killing as nothing more than a job, she seems to enjoy it nonetheless. Bad Girl seems to be aware of her violent ways, calling herself an "angry bitch", though she doesn't feel Touchdown is any better than she is, as an assassin. She also drinks heavily, leaving her empty beer cans strewn about her basement home, and even keeping a fridge nearby to refrigerate her cans.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Bad Girl is skilled with baseball bats, as she is able to deal strong attacks to Touchdown and even send grown men flying like projectiles when cracking them with her bat. After her health reaches a critical level, she will light her bat on fire to increase the potency of her attacks even further. She exhibits more determination than any other UAA-ranked assassin, and is one of the few opponents Touchdown faces whom he narrowly escapes death by.

Game strategyEdit

Bad Girl can be a relatively easy boss to fight if players identify her attack pattern. She begins the battle with a few quick swings of her bat, so approaching her is not advised. When she finishes spamming swinging her bat she is vulnerable to attack, and players can easily unleash a Slash Combo before retreating to evade her counterattack.

Trading cardsEdit

Bad Girl appears on three trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are No. 81, No. 82 and No. 144.


  • "You think you're bad, don't 'cha?"
  • "Pop quiz: Why am I such an angry bitch?"
  • "Maybe you forgot, I'm a bad girl!"


  • Charlotte

    A picture of Bad Girl in Travis Strikes Again.

    The phrase "Bad Girl" is written on one of Travis Bell's T-shirts in killer7.
  • There was a theory that Bad Girl is actually Dr. Peace's daughter, Jennifer, as both assassins are fought at Destroy Stadium; however, this was eventually proven to be untrue when Bad Girl's father appeared in the Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes trailer. Her father calls her by her name, Charlotte.
  • Although the NMH site claims she is batting condemned criminals, an assassination gig Travis can take afterwards has you fighting the same gimps but says that the enemies are cloned. It's possible that those gimps are clones of the criminals that Bad Girl was killing.
  • For unknown reasons, thirty-three (33) appears to be a significant number for Bad Girl. A picture of her in Badman's car depicts her wearing a tank top with a thirty-three on it, and Trading Card No. 81 shows that there is a thirty-three written on her bat as well as a thirty-three printed on the wrist of her batting glove.


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