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Black Knight Sword is a platforming video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality. It was published by D3 Publisher for PlayStation Network on December 11, 2012, and the following day for Xbox Live Arcade. Speaking on behalf of Grasshopper, composer Akira Yamaoka summarized Black Knight Sword as "a throwback to the old-school classic side-scrolling action games. It has a very nostalgic feel,"[1] while Black Knight Sword's Facebook page boasts that it "harkens a simpler time when simple yet addictive and challenging gameplay dominated the scene."[2]


Black Knight Sword follows the quest of the Black Knight, accompanied by the Black Hellebore Sword Fairy, to defeat the Evil White Princess.[2]


Black Knight Sword was one of two projects pairing Grasshopper and Hungarian studio Digital Reality, the other being Sine Mora. The game's graphics were inspired by Japanese shadow puppetry[3] and traditional Czech animation,[4] presented in the style of a puppet theatre.


A demo of Black Knight Sword was made playable at Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2011,[5] after its announcement the week prior at gamescom 2011.


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