The Business Tower is a location featured in Flower, Sun and Rain. Despite its name, it is not used by any of the businesses on the island, but is in fact a lighthouse. Visitors can climb the stairs inside the tower and admire the view from the top.

Sumio Mondo visits the tower during a night-time stroll after Sue Sding requests he solve the 'mystery' of the island. Upon reaching the top he is struck by the sight of the crescent moon and must use Catherine to solve a puzzle, after which he returns to the Flower Sun and Rain Hotel. Following Sumio's 'death' at the hands of Sundance Shot and the destruction of the Spice Shop by Step Sding, Toriko Kusabi confronts Shot at the top of the lighthouse and has a highly cryptic exchange with him.

Lost and Found Report ItemsEdit

  • No.34 (Blue Moonstone Pendant) - Face the moon at the top of the tower and check it to find the puzzle. (R-11)
  • No. 35 (Crocodile Skin Bag) - Located on the pier below the bridge near the tower. Check the corner of the shed at the bottom of the steps. (R-11)

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