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Chisato Itsushima is a character in all three Human Entertainment installments of the Syndrome video game series. She is the incredibly spiritual sister of Yayoi Itsushima, lending her skills in the paranormal to Yukari Hasegawa and Mika Kishi. She and Ryo Kazan discover the body of Arisa Kahara, the girl who Kazan bargains with Mithra to prevent from killing Kishi.In one chapter during Moonlight Syndrome she engages in combat with her sister.She is the only protagonist with no mental issues or suffers the syndrome like Mika, Ryo, Yukari,and Arisa.She tries to help her friends in Moonlight they end in vain.She loves karaoke since Mika brought her to one.During the apartment complex she tries to convince Riru from jumping to her death.

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