This is a list of all items available for Travis Touchdown's closet in the video game No More Heroes.


No. Name Description
001 Sunflower Sunflower colored sunglasses that brighten up your surroundings even on the gloomiest days.
002 Orange Orange colored sunglasses, a color that allows the outline of objects to clearly be seen.
003 Cobalt Blue Cobalt blue is the color to wear when you want to be cool and stylish.
004 Dark Gray A dark gray, your stalwart guardian against the harshest rays.
005 Peony Purple Peony purple, for when you want to see the world a little differently.


No. Name Description
001 Red Hot A dyed red leather jacket. Years of use gives it a worn, appreciated look.
002 Skeletal Tiger A matte black jacket with a large tiger skull printed on the back.
003 Nature A jacket of kangaroo skin decorated with Indian patterns. Finished with suede, it is smooth and soft to the touch.
004 Tiger Has a tiger printed on the back. Only 10 of these including the "ZEBRA" jacket are on sale in Santa Destroy.
005 Zebra Has a zebra printed on the back. Only 10 of these including the "TIGER" jacket are on sale in Santa Destroy.
006 Mt. Fuji A jacket printed with an image of Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. Designed to appeal to tourists.
007 Grizzly Bear A hardcore design, dark brown quilting leather covered with zippers and countless studs.
008 Crash Star A navy blue leather jacket. The Santa Destroy star mark symbol is printed on the back.
009 Rock Snake A python styled leather jacket. The scaled pattern and unique luster are its selling points.
010 Bizarre Jelly A blinding pink "Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly" jacket. Only made to order.


No. Name Description
000 Tattoo Tattoo.
001 Naked Remove T-shirt.
002 Bizarre Jelly A T-shirt of Japanese anime Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. Purchased over the net from Akihabara.
003 NMH 11 Blue "No More 11 Heroes" T-shirt, in dark blue.
004 Ninja Killer A simple and powerful design, using red and black to invoke the ninja. Also features throwing stars and the Japanese kanji for "kill".
005 Head Spin A unique design based on the brake dancing head spin move.
006 King of Beetles Summer is the time for catching insects, and what better for your collection than a stag beetle? With that hard, glittering black body, he truly is the king of beetles.
007 Gorgon The famous snake-headed monster from Greek mythology. Now a T-shirt. A simple color with a print of the fearsome head of the lady herself.
008 Eat A black background set with a bold red print. The mouth and tongue image is both disturbing and erotic.
009 Warning: Radioactive Blinding yellow color and the radioactive symbol make for the ultimate impact.
010 Viva! Lucha Lible Merchandise for the Mexican pro-wrestler "Lucha Libre". Keep out of sight of pro-wrestling fans or it may start a riot.
011 NMH 11 Red "No More 11 Heroes" T-shirt, in dark red.
012 Tigers The Tigers baseball uniform printed on a T-shirt.
013 Rose and the Skull A bold design placing a rose and skill print over a tie-dye base. The rose is carefully embroidered, making for one gorgeous T-shirt.
014 Tengu The Tengu, a mythical Japanese creature with a red face and long nose.
015 Giraffe A print patterned like a giraffe. A special process makes it feel just like real skin... but it isn't real, right honey?
016 Strawberry The strawberry T-shirt from Japanese anime Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. Special bonus with the first print run of DVD vol.1.
017 Cranberry The cranberry T-shirt from Japanese anime Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. Special bonus with the first print run of DVD vol.2.
018 Blueberry The blueberry T-shirt from Japanese anime Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. Special bonus with the first print run of DVD vol.3.
019 Miami Bass A blinding T-shirt that uses pastel colors and a provocative print. Sold mainly to tourists.
020 Riddle The metallic gold print glitters from the purple background. Simple, yet it makes you feel like a celebrity.
021 Skull A giant skull printed on black. The simple black and white design makes a striking statement of existence.
022 Lightning Bolt Bares a lightning bolt print that slices down the body. A simple but powerful design.
023 Dogfight Yokozuna A T-shirt printed with fighting dogs from Japan. "Yokozuna" is the title given to the strongest of fighting dogs.
024 Hara-Juku Harajuku is where the youth of Tokyo gather. Big Japanese lettering makes a bold impression.
025 Viva! Mexico Merchandise for the Mexican pro-wrestler "Lucha Libre". The blue mask print drives fans wild.
026 680K Calorie A T-shirt produced by Burger Suplex, the burger shop. Their popular Tiger Suplex Burger contains a filling 680 kilocalories.
027 Sniper Victim A military design with a sniper's crosshair aiming for the chest. Offers a simple message: "Running away only means you'll die tired".
028 Love Tits A blinding T-shirt that uses pastel colors and a provocative print. Sold mainly to tourists.
029 Jah A brilliant, bold t-shirt in Rasta colors. Let the world know you love reggae.
030 Anarchy Black, the color of anarchism. A striking symbol printed on top. Very punk.
031 Moon Walk A lime base color overlaid with a monotone photo print. Has purple neck accents.
032 Bare Knuckle Features the print of a curled fist. A simple design in vibrant red colors.
033 I Love Chainsaw A T-shirt for the 1983 American splatter movie The Chainsaw Man. (Known as Devil's Killer in Asia.) The same T-shirt the killer wore in the movie can now be yours!
034 Psycho For the pink and fluffy psycho in all of us. The letters are slightly raised.
035 Control Disorder A simple design of white on black. Uses a cool, military font.
036 Taka-Ken A T-shirt sold in china town. Uses yellow for the Shoalin Temple, a taunting pose and bold Chinese lettering!
037 Raw Meet A T-shirt created to promote the Santa Destroy Eight Hour Stamina Meat Festival. A printing error was discovered, so the shirts where not used.
038 Route 666 Unofficial T-shirt for the road movie "Route 666". Maker unknown.
039 Pinhole Kun A T-shirt featuring a print of Pinhole Kun, designed by the Japanese manga author Shigeru Mizuki. (C)MIZUKI PRO,PINHOLE ENTERTAINMENT, TOMY. 2007.
040 Grasshopper Wrestling A T-shirt promoting the wrestling club formed by Grasshopper Manufacturer. The club currently has three members. This includes the CEO.
041 NMH Macabro A shining yellow print on a white background. The lines of the neck are accented. A simple, timeless design.
042 Killer Lodge One of the principles of horror movies, the hockey masked killer. Now on a T-shirt.
043 Black Satans Official T-shirt of the Santa Destroy death metal band "Black Satans".
044 Manga A combination of the logo for Japanese mange culture magazine Megahertz and their catchphrase "Are you reading manga?" So... Are you? (C)MHz head office
045 Robodam A somehow familiar looking anime T-shirt design, but with Hangul lettering. Obviously made in Korea.
046 Big Boombox The speakers of this cassette player are peace signs! "Music will save the world".
047 Catfight A T-shirt celebrating the Catfight Tournament held in 1999. Was severely criticized and attacked by cat lovers. The second tournament has yet to be scheduled.
048 War w/o Honor Merchandising released to coincide with Japanese yakuza movies that are beginning to be imported into the US.
049 Pimpin' A fresh T-shirt that features neon pink letters on a lime green back.
050 Star Record The official T-shirt of the Santa Destroy record label Star Records. Buy a record from this company and you'll always get a free shirt.
051 Rubber Disc The popular "Rubber Disc" print from the T-shirt maker Sunday Echo. Cute color combination.
052 Denki Bosatsu Denki Bosatsu, a fine Japanese sake. This T-shirt celebrates its initial release. (C)KIKUZAKARI SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD
053 Star A bold white print on a black background. At first look, it has a simple design. But further investigation reveals the somewhat unsettling reversed star.
054 Holdup Man A striking T-shirt that puts everyone on the wrong end of a gun. Bold monotone print really catches the eye.
055 Retarded A simple T-shirt, blue printed on white. Neck is accented.
056 Fudo A striking T-shirt from which Acala, one of the Buddhist deities, glares menacingly. The contrast between the black and red is very hip.
057 Movie Star A movie T-shirt featuring some oddly familiar faces. The original reference and maker remain unclear, however.
058 Spartan A blood red shirt with a monotone print of a helmet. Communicates silent, brooding strength.
059 Holland A simple T-shirt based on the Dutch national football strip and flag. The colors of the Dutch flag accent the base orange color.
060 Brasil A T-shirt based on the Brazilian national football strip and flag. The simple yellow base design is accented by the green at the neck.
061 Shifty Eye Seven shifty eyes printed on a shocking pink base. The pupils of the eyes are raised.
062 TTTT Official T-shirt of the Taco Twins, a tag-team formed by the Mexican professional wrestlers, the Garcia Twins.
063 Stinkin' Beer A T-shirt for the Stinkin' Beer '67 renewal campaign.
064 Destroyman A T-shirt for Destroyman, a self-financed movie with a cult following. Unbelievably rare.
065 Glastonbury A T-shirt featuring the Japanese anime "Pure White Giant Glastonbury".
066 Luchaco An original T-shirt featuring a print of "Luchaco", the gas stand mascot.
067 Fire A black base overlaid with a red hot fire pattern. For the fiery type.
068 Such Is Life Military style woodland camouflage. The logo on the chest sets it off.
069 The Great Mustache From the Bearded Sun series. Mustache version. Night black.
070 Bubbles Bubbles rising in a melon soda. Vivid colors and pure, crisp design is great for those long summer days.
071 Giant Squid A T-shirt printed with a giant squid. The deep blue base color depicts the ocean where this monster makes his home.
072 Red Devil Has a smiling red devil printed across the chest. A simple yet effective design.
073 Yeti The Yeti, legendary inhabitant of the Himalayas. His shaggy face is printed wide across the front.
074 Wave Motion Printed with a pattern of waves on the front, based on the image of water glittering in the dusk.
075 Santa Destroy Design features one of the famous spots in Santa Destroy, Big Flag. Always on sale at tourist traps.
076 Crocodile The entire front of the shirt features a bold print of a crocodile's belly. A gift from Australia.
077 X-Ray This X-ray literally makes you bad to the bone! The print uses fluorescent paint that glows slightly in the dark.
078 The Great Beard From the Bearded Sun series. Beard version. Lemon yellow.
079 No More Heroes A "NO MORE HEROES" monochrome T-shirt. The idea for this mysterious character, boldly depicted, is said to have come from a scribbled drawing during the initial planning phase.
080 Loop A design based on the Earth and the Moon circling it.
081 High Score A retro T-shirt featuring a nostalgic 8-bit print.
082 SDHS Fencing Team The "Santa Destroy High School Fencing Team" uniform as a T-shirt.
083 Keine Helden Mehr T-shirt with "NO MORE HEROES" printed in German
084 Glaston 1 Merchandise from the Japanese anime "Pure White Giant Glastonbury". T-shirt features a print of Glaston 1.
085 GHM Official T-shirt of the Japanese game developer "Grasshopper Manufacturer". Sold on their home page.
086 Torabisu A brilliant silver color, printed with a tiger and than "Travis" in Japanese. How's that for a coincidence?
087 Grid A super retro T-shirt featuring a green grid pattern.
088 Glaston 2 Merchandise from the Japanese anime Pure White Giant Glastonbury. T-shirt features a print of Glaston 2.
089 Glaston 3 Merchandise from the Japanese anime Pure White Giant Glastonbury. T-shirt features a print of Glaston 3.
090 Looker Features a bold print of the monster from the horror movie, Looker. No cheap knock off, the embossed print gives a real feel for the texture of the monster.
091 Tank Top White A simple white tank top.
092 Tank Top Black A simple black tank top.
093 Famitsu No.01 Weekly Famitsu T-Shirt Design <Platinum Prize Winner>
094 Famitsu No.02 Weekly Famitsu T-Shirt Design <Gold Prize Winner>
095 Famitsu No.03 Weekly Famitsu T-Shirt Design <Silver Prize Winner>
096 Famitsu No.04 Weekly Famitsu T-Shirt Design <Judges Special Prize Winner>
097 Famitsu No.05 Weekly Famitsu T-Shirt Design <Judges Special Prize Winner>
098 Famitsu No.X-1 T-shirt designed by Radio Wada
099 Famitsu No.X-2 T-shirt designed by "Keigo Toyoda", editor of Weekly Famitsu
100 GHM No.01 Silver Incident #0 Orange
101 GHM No.02 Silver Incident #1 Red
102 GHM No.03 Silver Incident #2 Gold
103 GHM No.04 Silver Incident #3 White
104 GHM No.05 Silver Incident #4 Olive Green
105 GHM No.06 Silver Incident #5 Black
106 GHM No.07 Silver Incident #! Charcoal
107 GHM No.08 FSR Logo T-shirt Black and Silver
108 GHM No.09 FSR Logo T-shirt White and Red
109 GHM No.10 FSR Logo T-shirt Red and White
110 GHM No.11 2002 Christmas Version; Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 01 Turquoise
111 GHM No.12 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 02 Pink
112 GHM No.13 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 03 Lime
113 GHM No.14 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 04 Gold
114 GHM No.15 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 05 Deep Red
115 GHM No.16 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 06 Black
116 GHM No.17 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 07 Grey Blue
117 GHM No.18 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 08 Lemon
118 GHM No.19 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 09 Lavender
119 GHM No.20 2002 Christmas Version Bubble Gum Graffiti T-shirt 10 Red
120 GHM No.21 ghm FOOTBALL HOME & AWAY <51 Uniform Red Away>
121 GHM No.22 ghm FOOTBALL HOME & AWAY <51 Uniform White Home>
122 GHM No.23 ghm T-shirt <Beige and Vermilion>
123 GHM No.24 ghm T-shirt <Navy and White>
124 GHM No.25 ghm T-shirt <Purple and Pink>
125 GHM No.26 Hopperman T-shirt <Blue>
126 GHM No.27 Hopperman T-shirt <Yellow>
127 GHM No.28 Silver Incident 25th Section T-shirt <AYAME>
128 GHM No.29 Silver Incident 25th Section T-shirt <25 CUBISME>
129 GHM No.30 Silver Incident 25th Section T-shirt <25 MELT DOWN>
130 GHM No.31 Silver Incident 25th Section T-shirt <Correctness>
131 GHM No.32 Silver Incident 25th Section T-shirt <Placebo>
132 GHM No.33 Silver Incident 25th Section T-shirt <Match Maker>
133 GHM No.34 2007 T-shirt <PUNK GAME>
134 GHM No.35 2007 T-shirt <G•H•M>
135 GHM No.36 2007 T-shirt <GHM FC (Brick)>
136 GHM No.37 2007 T-shirt <GHM FC (Blue)>
137 GHM No.38 LET'S ROCK!


No. Name Description
001 Tigers 510 Jeans that have been broken in but are yet to be worn out. Experience the clash of natural colors.
002 Black Mamba Boot cut black jeans. Make a simple, striking silhouette.
003 Kangaroo Jeans with a hint of purple color and a cargo style pocket on the hip.
004 Goshawk Jeans with white paint splashes added.
005 Leopard Everyone knows adding flames to something makes it cooler, so give it a try with these red hot jeans.
006 Donkey Crash jeans given a deliberately damaged, worn-out, used look.
007 Snapping Turtle Navy blue boot cut jeans. The diagonal scratch damage adds character.
008 Coyote Crash jeans practically soaked in red paint, giving it a "bloody" look.
009 Firefly Crash jeans deliberately "fixed" along its length with major wear & tear.
010 Toucan High stylized jeans with amplified creases.
011 Rock Python Jeans painted with an Indian python design. Looks great when worn with the "ROCK SNAKE" jacket.
012 Pure White Lover A pretty fancy pair of white jeans with a big back pocket and heart marks on the side. Only one pair exists and it was ordered along with the Bizarre Jelly jacket.


No. Name Description
001 Lizard A leather belt overlaid with iguana skin. Tough and durable, especially considering the price. This lizard will last longer than you.
002 Black Boa A hard belt. Seven millimeter wide leather with added snake skin. Makes a real fashion statement.
003 Silver Serpent A lucky white snake belt, said to increase your chances of becoming rich. Easy to use.
004 Salamander A leather belt imprinted with a snake motif and then dyed red. Treated with oils to make it flexible and water resistant.
005 Viper A belt created by carefully tanning the skin from a beautifully patterned python. Made to order. You'll have to wait a while for your order to be filled.
006 Santa Destroy A belt inspired by the flag of Santa Destroy. It's red, white and blue colors are quite eye catching.
007 Ophidian A double holed belt using green dyed leather. It looks bigger than it actually is.
008 Flower A belt with flower styled studs using antique leather. It creates a hard and sturdy yet flamboyant look.
009 Metal Scale A sharp and wild studded belt for that hard and heavy look.
010 Pink Bomb A pastel colored belt that uses pink on white. It's part of the Bizarre Jelly set.

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