Coen (コーエン) is a "middle boss" in Let It Die. He appears on Floor 3 and Floor 26. He inhabits an open area that was once used as the ticket gate for a Toukyou train station.

Along with JIN-DIE and GOTO-9, Coen is one of three creatures who were built out of the corpses of people who were killed in the Tower of Barbs. This is quite obvious in Coen's case, as assorted feet protrude from his shoulders, and an entire human body swings freely from the small of his back. His viscera are open to the air, barely contained by a shell of skin.

Coen is blind, and, in fact, has pointed metal rods stuck into where his eyes should be. This weakness can be exploited in order to defeat him. As soon as he senses an intruder, he roars, apparently pinpointing their position through echolocation. However, a Fighter can easily avoid his subsequent charge by simply moving away, and continuing to move after every attack; he will not be able to track them. Indeed, one can confound Coen simply by crouching.

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