This article collects the texts of various Courier Memos in the video game killer7.

Still IllEdit

Dear Emir,

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and many thanks for choosing me for the job. My name is Johnny Gagnon, otherwise knowas Speedster. I get excited when I slit a guy's. throat. I know that may be sick, but I do the best work in town. This is a report on the job. I'm sure you'll like what I have to say. I watched them like a hawk, so I'm sure a hefty reward is in order. There are 7 in the Smith syndicate.

Dan Smith, who uses a large caliber revolver.

Kaede Smith, who uses a large automatic rifle.

Con Smith, who uses 2 full auto pistols.

Mask de Smith, who uses grenades.

Kevin Smith, who uses knives.

Coyote Smith, who uses a modified gun.

Garcian Smith, who uses a small pistol.

They are an armed force that rivals a small army. You wouldn't want to be on their bad side. I conclusion, it is in the interest of the United States to "keep" them around. There's no telling when they might come in handy.

I'll be contacting you again,

Johnny Gagnon

Rusholm RuffiansEdit

Dear Emir,

Emir, we have a problem. A terrible thing has happened! I can hardly believe it, but the money is not in my account! I need your help. You got my last message didn't you? I trusted you... Now don't let me down. Promise me! Wire me the money immediately. A hundred and twenty-five bucks is peanuts, I'm telling you!

The Smith Syndicate operates in strange ways.

Garcian Smith manages the other 6 personas, and mainly acts as a negotiator for work requests. Garcian never eliminates people himself. His role is to retrieve the bodies. Even if another persona is killed, it appears he is able to to bring him back to life. Like a wizard. I tell you....

However, it's my hunch that somebody off-stage is calling the shots and controlling Garcian. There must be a hidden mastermind separate from the active team. And it's likely that this mastermind assigns the jobs. Garcian is very loyal, and he values the organization. He controls the personas to keep the organization safe. He's a middle manager, you see.

The members switch using the medium of television. But I have yet to determine what governs the switches.

The Smith syndicate is composed of one sensible person and six freaks. I have never seen the personas interact with each other.

Soon I expect to unmask the myth behind this strange group.

I'll be contacting you again,

Johnny Gagnon.

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