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Cranberry Chocolate Sundae is a Dark Side Mode trance in both installments of the No More Heroes video game series. In both games it is activated by matching three BARs.

No More HeroesEdit

Entering the trance causes all color to drain from the screen, save for the red glow of Travis Touchdown's beam katana and his hair shining yellow. All enemies encountered by Touchdown are paralyzed with fear and stay in place. Touchdown's speed is reduced to a walking pace, but when faced with an enemy, a prompt appears, directing the player to press a certain button on the Wii Remote or Nunchuk.

If an incorrect button is pressed, Touchdown will only taunt the enemy, but if the correct button is pressed, Touchdown will perform such executions as:

  • slicing off an enemy's arms,
  • stabbing and tearing a crawling enemy in the pelvis,
  • impaling and hoisting an enemy up on Touchdown's beam katana then splitting them in two,
  • running into a jumping backflip and slicing an enemy vertically,
  • dashing forth and tearing into an enemy,
  • grabbing the enemy from behind and stabbing them in the heart,
  • or brutally forcing them down onto the ground before carving into the chest.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate StruggleEdit

Entering this iteration of Cranberry Chocolate Sundae will have Travis transforming into a literal tiger. All enemies on the field will lose their poise and will become panicked and fearstricken, either running away, crawling for mercy, or will be too scared to move.

As a tiger, Travis is free to prey on all enemies on the field, being able to run extremely fast, render enemies in pieces with A, and can leap onto downed enemies with B, before mauling and ripping them apart.

Cultural referenceEdit

  • The monochrome sequence of Cranberry Chocolate Sundae and the violent executions it entails may have been inspired by the horror film Psycho, particularly its pivotal shower scene, one of the most famous scenes in cinema history.
  • Cranberry Chocolate Sundae takes its name from the Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly character Cranberry.

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