The Cunningham Bluesky Parking Lot is a location in Flower, Sun and Rain. It is a nondescript parking area located somewhere on the western half of Lospass Island where vehicles from outside the island must be parked. Only special vehicles may be driven past this point.

Sumio Mondo arrives here shortly after reaching the island and, after parking Giggs, meets Peter Bocchwinkur. Upon confirming his identity and displaying his credentials as a Searcher to Bocchwinkur, Sumio is driven to the Flower, Sun, and Rain. The parking lot is not seen for the rest of the game.

Lost and Found Report ItemsEdit

  • No.1 (Truck's Spare Tire) - Located at the back of Peter's truck. (R-00)
  • No.2 (Stone Statue) - Located in the stone statue to the right of the main gate. (R-00)
  • No.3 (Miniature Giggs) - Located by the driver's seat on the right-hand side of Giggs. (R-00)

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