Diane is a character in the video game No More Heroes. She is an unseen and long-suffering employee of Beef Head who usually calls Travis Touchdown after each of his ranking matches to remind him to return overdue merchandise, a majority of which are pornographic in nature. She has little patience for Travis's procrastination and once even claimed to have revoked his membership until the return of a certain video.

Her calls, which always precede Ranking Battles, are an homage to those of Christopher Mills and Linda Vermillion in killer7, which always signal the beginning of the next target. Coincidentally or not, Diane's name sounds similar to Diana Burnwood's from the Hitman game series, who is also a character who frequently communicates via voice only and whose face is never seen. Alternatively, her character may be a reference to the TV series Twin Peaks, where the main character Agent Dale Cooper often speaks to a unseen woman named Diane through his tape recorder, a concept previously referenced by the killer7 character Holbert.

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