A Down Attack is a technique in several Suda51 games. The move is performed by pressing a context-specific button while standing next to a downed enemy.

In killer7, each member of the killer7 has a unique Down Attack depending on their personal preferences and skills. This is used as a last-ditch effort against enemy Heaven Smiles who have drawn too close and are in danger of self-destructing and injuring the assassin. It is earned by each Smith persona when their Power stat reaches level one.

In No More Heroes series, protagonist Travis Touchdown, depending on the weapon, will stab or maim his fallen foe with his beam katana. With the Technique of Crazy Awesomeness, he is able to jump into the air before doing so, allowing a ranged capability, depending on the distance between himself and the enemy. Downed opponents who are not finished by a Down Attack will eventually return to their feet and continue attacking Touchdown.

In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Travis can execute a stomp attack (by pressing B near a downed enemy) that gives out cash. He can combo this move into a Death Blow on a downed enemy that allows a chance at Dark Side Mode.

In Let It Die, fighters can "stomp" downed enemies by pressing X when near them. It has no special effect, but it is a free hit.

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