Dr. Naomi (ナオミ博士, NAOMI Hakase) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. She is a professional scientist and engineer with a PhD in mathematical sciences[1]; her full name as well as nationality is unknown. Naomi researches and develops beam katanas, including the Tsubaki series designed for Travis Touchdown's exclusive use, as well as other weapons and new household appliances. She seems to find a slight distaste in Travis being an otaku, and acts sour towards him on many occasions.

According to the game's instruction booklet, Dr. Naomi is hiding a mysterious secret. This may be a reference to Dr. Naomi Hunter of Goichi Suda's friend Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear series. Although not mentioned in source material, the game's official Japanese blog originally stated that Naomi is 63 years old, and maintains her youthful appearance through the use of technology and brains. The official No More Heroes site now states that she achieves it using anything such as advanced cosmetic surgery and beauty palors. This may be the secret alluded to in the game's instruction booklet.

Dr. Naomi returns in No More Heroes 2 to assist Travis by making him new weapons, and has even designed his giant robot, the Glastonbury. For unexplained reasons, her breasts appear to have become much larger since her last appearance, and often exaggeratedly bounce as she moves.

Dr. Naomi is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.

Trading cardsEdit

Dr. Naomi appears on two trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are Trading Card No. 96 and Trading Card No. 97.


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