Edo Macalister (エド・マカリスター, Edo Makarisutaa; "Ed Macalister") is a character in the video games Flower, Sun, and Rain and killer7, as well as the manga Kurayami Dance. In his first appearance he is the manager of the Flower, Sun, and Rain hotel and is responsible for drafting searcher Sumio Mondo to Lospass Island, in order to deter a potential terrorist attack at the airport. Macalister is the author of The Lospass, a tourist's guide to Lospass Island. It is later revealed that Edo is actually the terrorist himself, though it is Sundance Shot who has placed the bomb on the plane, as Edo intends for the bomb to explode the island. Edo's plan is to stop ELBOW's production of Silver Eyes. During killer7, the 36-year-old[1] Macalister is later shown to be working at the reception desk of the Union Hotel.

Edo Macalister is voiced in killer7 by Robin Atkin Downes. His theme is an arranged version of Erik Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1, which plays throughout Flower, Sun and Rain, as well as when he appears in killer7 and in tiny snippets throughout the Union.


The morning after meeting Macalister, Sumio Mondo observes that the hotel manager is too caught up in his work, surmising that he also has a suspicious laugh and his eyes never appear to match his expression, concluding that "He's got a hidden side, that's for sure." Nevertheless, Mondo contends that Macalister knows how to treat his guests. In the third chapter of the game, Macalister proves himself a very knowledgeable soccer enthusiast. In the chapter's epilogue, he even makes a quirk that soccer fanatic Stephan Charbonie "still has much to learn about the game. He doesn't know what the real spectacle is..."

In killer7, Edo maintains his enigmatic nature, alluding to knowing who Garcian Smith is, as well as vanishing when he's not being looked at. Edo's place in the plot of killer7 is unknown.


  • His last name is shared by both researcher Graham MacAlister and baseball player McAllister from Hand in killer7 and Diabolical Pitch, respectively.
  • The name Edo Macalister would more naturally be spelled Ed McAllister in English. The unusual romanization seems to be a stylistic choice, possibly to create a more mysterious-sounding name. This is referenced in-game; when he first hears Edo's name, Sumio asks, "You mean Ed?".
  • There is a section in the remaster credits in the PlayStation 4 version of The Silver Case that is titled "EDO MACALISTER", with the only other content in the section being credits for two "designer"s, Araki and Isao. The meaning of this is completely unknown, and the PlayStation 4 credits were not edited into the PC version in the 2017 patch.


  1. Hand in killer7. Capcom. August 2005. pp. 45.
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