Ermen Palmer is an unofficial name.

"Ermen Palmer" (real name unknown) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. He is an assassin who breaks into Travis Touchdown's motel room, attempting to kill him while he is defenseless on the toilet; his age as well as his nationality are unknown, although he is presumably American. The untrue ending concludes before they fight, and the "real" ending sees Palmer being split in half by Henry Cooldown. It is notable that all fights up to this point have had the higher-ranked assassin pick the locale, although since the nature of the United Assassins Association is debatable, Palmer could be a rogue assassin or someone looking to enter the ranks just as Touchdown did. Palmer has a book tucked to his waist entitled Jupiter by Teshiro de Niro. Due to the lighting of the cutscene and the game as a whole, the viewer never gets a clear look at Ermen.


  • Ermen Palmer bears numerous similarities to Emir Parkreiner/Garcian Smith, characters from killer7, from race, clothing color and occupation to the act of trying to assassinate another assassin in their hotel room.
    • The name "Ermen Palmer" resulted from early attempts to try and read the text on his book. As Ermen Palmer has the same initials as Emir Parkreiner, the name stuck and is frequently misconstrued as official. The character does not have an actual name, making it hard to tell if he is meant to be Emir/Garcian, a character like them, or if the similarities are a coincidence.
  • Once Henry has killed Ermen, he is disgusted by Ermen's nature in the way he attempts to kill Travis, Claiming "[he] is a disgrace to [himself] and those [he] killed." Despite this, Henry himself claims he was going to "play dirty" in the earlier attempted match after Henry killed Letz Shake.
  • For completely unknown reasons, Ermen's book only shows up in the full ending, and not the shortened false ending.

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