Erotica Comic is a short manga and artbook by Yūsuke Kozaki released with preorders of the Hopper's Edition of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Despite the name, it is not actually pornographic in nature. It contains four different sections.

No More LoserEdit

No More Loser focuses on the backstory of Skelter Helter when he was merely known as Vincent. He was close with his brother Helter-Skelter, but Helter wished for Vincent to live a normal life. They meet at a restaurant in Santa Destroy. It is revealed that Vincent was put through school using annual bags of money Helter earned from assassination jobs, but when Helter tells Vincent, he is shocked and refuses to use the money anymore. Helter warns Vincent about "a blonde woman from Scandinavia", telling him that he must say no to anything she asks him. Vincent then narrates the auction of the Blood Berry beam katana, saying that nobody took the auction seriously except for the sole bidder, "someone idiot enough".

One year later, Vincent is going to meet Helter at the same restaurant again, with Vincent having graduated from college. Helter texts Vincent saying that he'll be late due to work; we see that he's fighting Travis, as mentioned in the opening to the first game. Helter is killed. Shortly thereafter, Vincent meets Sylvia who is pretending to be a prostitute. Sylvia revealed to Vincent that Travis was the one who killed his brother, and invites him to join the United Assassins Association. Vincent agrees, and three years later waits for Travis right before the beginning of the second game, having become Skelter.

Pure Wite Lover Bizarre Jelly 5 okamaEdit

A manga of Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. It shows the girls transforming upon seeing a tentacle monster in the water. It has not been translated into English.


Full-page pictures of Alice Twilight, Cloe Walsh, Margaret Moonlight, Sylvia Christel and Kimmy Howell.

Not Erotic ComicEdit

4koma manga by another artist. It features mainly Travis and Sylvia, with Jeane (the cat), Talbot, Weller, Ryan Yamazaki and Nathan Copeland also making appearances. It has not been translated into English.