"ghmFOOTBALLT" was a T-shirt released to Grasshopper Manufacture's online store on September 1, 2002. It was sold for ¥3500, but has been long out of print. Described as having a football jersey-inspired design, "ghmFOOTBALLT" came in two different colors: a white T-shirt bearing a dark blue "51," with a red vertical line,[1] and a red T-shirt with a white "51."[2] The shirt was produced from 100% cotton grown in America.[3] The left side of the chest sported a grasshopper emblem, while the right contained the letter G.[3] Beneath the letter 51, the titles of The Silver and Flower, Sun, and Rain, in addition to the release date of the then-forthcoming latter are shown.[3] "Grasshopper Manufacture" is written in cursive letters inside the "51" on the back of the shirt.[3]


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