The God Hand is a unique ability used by Kun Lan in killer7. "Embodying the power of the gods,"[1] Kun Lan's mere touch from his right hand is capable of morphing his victims into Heaven Smile terrorists. Other times, it is shown to resurrect the dead, as with Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba. It is the opposite of the power of the God Killer, Harman Smith.

According to Mr. A, the power comes from a light that shines from the hand, which can be seen at times in the game. Using unexplained sciences, Mr. A and his two colleagues altered the characteristics of the light and found that it could change the resulting kind of Smile when shone on a human.


  • The phrase "touched by the hand of god", which describes how Kun Lan turns people into Smiles, is the name of a song by the band New Order.


  1. killer7 instruction booklet. July 2005. p. 13.

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