This is a list of all goods found in the video game Flower, Sun, and Rain: Murder and Mystery in Paradise. Because some information is non-applicable or is not provided in the goods menus, some fields in the following charts appear blank.

Character ProfileEdit

No. Name Description Occupation Place of Birth
01 Sumio Mondo A good natured guy. Tends to get caught up in things around him. Searcher Far East
02 Toriko Kusabi A girl who keeps a pink crocodile as a pet. A 3rd year junior high school student. Far East
03 Christina Toriko's pet pink crocodile. Eats humans. Far East
04 Peter Bocchwinkur An easy going, slovenly guy. Actually a very important man. Agent Federation of Micronesia
05 Stuart Locke A member of the hotel staff, still wet behind the ears. Bar Tender Lospass Island
06 Edo Macalister Civil and courteous in all matters of work. Tends to snap. Hotel Manager Lospass Island
07 Sue Sding Has never left the island. Can sleep anywhere, any time, and often does. Hotel Staff
08 Sister Phantom Currently staying in Room 403, opposite Room 402. Spiritual Medium United States
09 Mati Sding Sue's foster mother. Also works in the diner. Hotel Staff Lospass Island
10 Yayoi Hanayama Staying in Room 204, and here to enjoy her holiday on the island. Office Lady for a leading company Far East
11 El Crasher Staying in Room 304. Training to restore his lost fighting spirit. Professional Wrestler Far East
12 Mr. Pirate Staying in Room 302. Has staked his entire life on fighting in the ring. Former Professional Wrestler
13 Maria Nicharesuk Staying in Room 407. A few drinks and she's a totally different woman. Angel Eastern Europe
14 Sonny Balboa One of the Balboa Brothers, a very physical actor. Comedy Film Actor America
15 Tabs Balboa One of the Balboa Brothers. Can speak super fast. Comedy Film Actor America
16 Stephan Charbonie Has been staying in Room 404 for 3 months, writing his thesis. Professor (Specialty in System Engineering) France
17 Shoutaro Kai Bored because his dad won't pay him any attention. An elementary school kid. Far East
18 Seiji Fujieda A youth faced with his impending marriage. Owner of a sensitive heart. Part-Timer Shelter
19 Yuuri Otowaya Engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Seiji. Hyper-naïve. Part-Timer Shelter
20 Ken Sakurapee A kind youth who cares for Mati. Wants to work in the city. Bike Messenger Lospass Island
21 Daizaburo Kai Shoutaro's father. Makes a hobby out of mocking others. Bureaucrat Far East
22 Yoshimitsu Koshimizu Aims to bring an end to all violent crime, but relies manly on guesswork. Federation Investigator Far East
23 Step Sding A sneaky thief and pickpocket. Mati's son. Part-Timer Lospass Island
24 Remy Fawzil Became an investigator in order to uncover the truth of her birth, Federation Investigator Federation of Micronesia
25 Gunzi Takaoka A middle aged man who longs for a return to his school years. Employee of Construction Company Far East
26 Natsuko Akai A consistently disinterested girl. Takaoka's companion. A student. Far East
27 Hana Kaburagi A nurse caring for Rits. Always dressed in white. Nurse Far East
28 Sundance Ritz Descendant of an extremely small tribe of unique people. None Federation of Micronesia
29 Tokio Morishima Has come to the island to escape from his past. Freelance Writer Far East
30 Sundance Shot A mysterious, eyepatch-wearing man who opposes Toriko. A terrorist. Lospass Island
31 Sundance Mic A man Remy meets beneath Eleki Island. None Lospass Island
32 Hyena Bred underground on Lospass Island.

Jack-In TargetEdit

No. Name Description Answer
01 Peter -Eye- Enter Mondo's (your) date of birth. Any four digits.
02 Stone Statue -Baby Type- Take note of the upside-down babies, about to celebrate their birthday. Solution to Peter -Eye- in reverse.
03 Camera Find a photo in the guidebook related to a camera and chair. 400567501
04 Attache Case -Soccer Ball Type- What team does Stephan support? 3412
05 Telephone Call Mr. Pirate. See the guidebook for how to make room to room calls. 302
06 El Crasher -Pro-wrestler- When did El experience a true 'death match'? 210
07 Shaker Make the cocktail that Maria wants. 401010 45201010
08 Personal Computer Earthquake and cocktails. Check the guidebook's recommended cocktails. 37
09 Mop Will only come off when the mop needs to be exchanged. Isn't there an ad for this gadget somewhere...? 9779
10 Speaker System There is an ad all about those speakers in the guidebook. 51
11 PDA -Personal Digital Assistant- Stephan puts great stock in the fortunetelling section in the guidebook. 7896315987
12 Mond Organ Tune the organ to the traditional setting. 004432000
13 Bicycle Check the gear ratios page in the guidebook. 32
14 Eleking This going to be a psychological battle. Check the psychology test in the guidebook. 257 721 11 22 60 1032
15 Trash Box Trash boxes open on collection day. 71727
16 8Times Watch -Moon Face- The clock shows the phases of the moon. See the page about the moon in the guidebook. 43
17 Radio Play the type of song that Natsuko asked for. 777 849 884
18 Padlock The film is "Tonight Tonight." See the introduction in the guidebook. 3
19 Projector See the guidebook for details on the projector. 240
20 Control Type -Scarecrow Type- Prove yourself to the Forest Navigators. 28 5 96000
21 Die The mystery of the die is related to the tradition of the Ruins. There is a hint in the tourist spot info section of the guidebook. 0
22 Marmaleba -Slate- The mystery of the ruins' lies in the wall carving. 14
23 Tape Recorder The hint is Turtle. Is there a picture of a turtle anywhere...? 128
24 Tokio Morishima -Eye- The hint is Turtle. Restore time to normal. 18881230
25 Airport Man -Eye- Do not give up and the path will surely open before you.
26 Sumio Mondo -Eye- The number in the instruction manual that started this all off. The mystery is hidden in Mondo himself. Solution to Peter -Eye-.

Lost And FoundEdit


Owner's tickets are obtained throughout Lospass Island and exchanged for Lost and Found items.

No. Name Answer
01 Truck's Spare Tire 6
02 Stone Statue 40
03 Miniature Giggs 7
04 Picture 02264024
05 Cards 37
06 Slippers 2354
07 Miss Hanayama's Ring 124
08 Lighter 12
09 Toy Horse 248
10 Wallet Dropped in Chiba-Chiba 0100
11 Address Book 512
12 Mask 25743610
13 Grasshopper (Cocktail) 12
14 Hat From Hotel Staff Uniform 6
15 PC 133
16 Excellent Vintage Wine 152025
17 Swimsuit 8
18 Movie Pamphlet 92
19 Record(Dvořák, Symphony No. 9 "From The New World") 95
20 Mr. Charbonie's Pot 2
21 Pinball Token 3
22 Miss Hanayama's Makeup 720
23 Yukata 507
24 Black Suit 8
25 Bowtie 3141592653
26 Musical Score 12
27 Coconut 048700
28 Pendant 1954
29 Highway Receipt 15
30 Eleking Model 32
31 Diner Pamphlet 72
32 Diner Bronze Statue 47
33 Beach Sandals 36
34 Blue Moonstone Pendant 445115
35 Crcodile Skin Bag 1998
36 Stuffed Horse 7
37 Movie Pamphlet 132
38 Edo's Diary 1461
39 Half-Pants 45
40 Record(Debussy, Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune) 15
41 Wristwatch 32
42 Miniature of ruins 15
43 Fruit Basket 612
44 Model of Hotel Sign 3
45 Aloha Sign 50
46 Collar 106
47 Pudding 225
48 Champion Belt 51213
49 Diner Menu 2
50 Toilet Deodorizer 9840
51 Model Aircraft 4200


No. Name Description
01 1000 steps X Search System Open Press X Button
02 5000 steps X Search System MAX UP
03 10000 steps X Search System MAX UP
04 20000 steps X Search System MAX UP
05 30000 steps X Search System MAX and Charge Speed UP
06 40000 steps X Search System MAX UP
07 50000 steps Sound Test Mode Open
08 75000 steps Movement Speed UP Press L or R Button to run fast
09 100000 steps X Search System Fully Open
10 510000 steps All Open
11 Game Clear Costume Change Open and Extra Costume 1
12 Get Lost And Found 06 & 23 Extra Costume 2
13 Get Lost And Found 09 & 46 Extra Costume 3
14 Get Lost And Found 12 & 48 Extra Costume 4
15 Get Lost And Found 14 & 25 Extra Costume 5
16 Get Lost And Found 39 & 45 Extra Costume 6
17 Get Lost And Found all Extra Costume 7