HONDALADY is a collaboration between Japanese singer MARU and DJ DieTRAX. The duo, who describe themselves as a 'two guy techno-rock unit', came together in 1996 and have since produced a total of 12 albums. Their most recent work, WINNER, was released in 2011.

The pair have also contributed to several Grasshopper Manufacture games, beginning with 2006's The Silver #02 DESTRUCTOR, although they were not credited as HONDALADY and remixed their tracks separately (Kusabi [Love or Die Remix] and Uehara Kamui [NYNY Mix] by DieTrax and MARU respectively). They were also responsible for several No More Heroes remixes, including We Are Finally Cowboys [Golden Brown Mix] for No More Heroes Sound Tracks: Dark Side, as well as several tracks for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Original Soundtrack (most notably Margaret Moonlight's boss theme Philistine).





  • PRINCE (2001)
  • 東京VINYL (2003)
  • 136 (2004)
  • peach ON DA LADY (2005, collaboration with J-Pop band peach)
  • TVTB (2005)
  • I’m proud E.P. (2006)
  • 303 (2006)
  • WORLD RECORD (2007)
  • No More Heroes Sound Tracks: Dark Side (2008, contributor)[3]
  • Reflection of Systems (2008, contributor)
  • CASSETTABLE (2009)
  • Mini Sound Track (2010)[4]
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Original Soundtrack (2010, contributor)[5]
  • ギミアブレイク (lit. "Gimiabureiku") (2011)
  • WINNER (2011)


  1. "Kusabi [Love or Die Remix]", credited to Die Trax.
  2. "Uehara Kamui [NYNY Mix]", credited to Maru.
  3. "We Are Finally Cowboys [Golden Brown Mix]", credited to HONDALADY.
  4. "Philistine [US ver.]", credited to HONDALADY vs DJ HAPIO and composed by MARU.
  5. "Sub Crazy", "We Are Finally Cowboys [Golden Brown Mix]", "Philistine" and "Shoegazer Watched the Stars", credited to HONDALADY and composed by MARU with the exception of the second track.

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