Hamada-Yama (浜田山, Hamadayama) is a character in Killer Is Dead. He is an elderly Yakuza boss who lives in Kyoto, and is one of the game's execution targets.

Hamada-Yama is an old-fashioned Yakuza boss who has plans to revive the spirit of old Japan[1]. His most distinctive feature is a large, ornate tattoo on his back of a tiger; when this tattoo falls under the influence of the malignant Dark Matter, the tiger springs to life and begins to terrorise Kyoto. Soon after, Mondo Zappa is dispatched to Kyoto in order to confront the anguished Hamada-Yama and resolve the situation one way or another[2].

Official website descriptionEdit

An old-fashioned yakuza boss. Wild and lawless (yet strangely honorable as well), he’s devoted himself to restoring the “classic” feel of Kyoto, Japan. Due to the effects of dark matter, the tiger tattoo on his back is able to come alive, and is known to run rampant throughout the city of its own volition.


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During their duel, Hamada-Yuma mention that it's a good thing that Mondo "didn't become a poisonous insect", which might be refering to Alice, who was also an once-human wire.


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