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Harman Smith (ハーマン・スミス, Hāman Sumisu) is a character in the videogame killer7. He is playable during a few moments in the game, and is a selectable character in the unlockable killer8 mode. He is the leader of the Smith Syndicate. At first, he appears to be the one in charge of the personalities, though it is later revealed that at least one of his manifestations is part of Emir Parkreiner. Harman, like his rival Kun Lan, is a demi-god; both he and Kun Lan possess the God Hand. Harman's representation of the God Hand is a destructive force while Kun Lan's is creative.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Harman appears as an elderly wheelchair bound man in a black suit, with an armor piercing rifle behind him.

In terms of personality, Harman does not display much emotion, much like Garcian, and is rather collected much of the time. He often speaks in cryptic and rather vague sentences but shows himself as highly aware and all-knowing of the world around him (Possibly given from his godly powers). He generally maintains a respectful attitude towards others, including his greatest enemy, Kun Lan, and does not demonstrate much of a bias towards the growing threat of Japan against the United States (Besides Kun Lan being the enemy).


In his original life, Harman was one of the many physical manifestations of a god. This avatar was employed as the principal of the Coburn National Elementary School, of which was actually a Japanese front for training patriotic spies and soldiers behind enemy lines. As the principal, Harman met Emir Parkreiner: the Bloody Heartland. From that chance encounter onward, Harman and Emir created a bond usually shared between a mentor and his student. Emir soon became mentally unstable, slaughtering everyone at Coburn, including Principal Harman. Emir used his third eye upon the avatar's corpse, assimilating Harman into his psychic collective. Additionally, for failing to save anyone at Coburn from Emir's rampage while he was alive, Harman has the ability--as one of Emir's personalities--to make short work of anyone, except Kun Lan, with as few shots as possible. With Harman's personality in tow, Emir began taking hits for the government.

As a humble and loyal assassin, Emir was tasked to assassinate the Union 7: aspiring members of Japan's Liberal Party who wrote the Yakumo. Union 7 (also known as the Smith Syndicate) was headed by another avatar of Harman, known to the player as "Young Harman Smith". Emir went about to sequentially assassinate each and every member of Union 7, absorbing each and every member's personality. Emir faced off against Young Harman on the roof of the Union Hotel, where Young Harman guilted Emir into attempting to commit suicide. Being psychologically compromised as a result of his suicide attempt, Emir's psyche shattered.

In an attempt to recover, Emir created Garcian, birthing the Second Smith Syndicate (or, the Killer7). Following in his deceased fellow avatar's footsteps, Young Harman sheltered the nascent Garcian Smith, hiding him from his past as Emir. Young Harman introduced Garcian--acting as the Killer7--to the US Government, where he started his new employment as a government assassin. Sharing with his mentor Harman's atonement as a persona, Garcian can revive the other personae serving Killer7 as a backlash to killing them when they were human. However, Emir's mentor-student relationship carries onto Garcian, where he still sees Harman as his elementary school principal. Because of this, Garcian is the only member to communicate with Harman (the avatar, not the god) by waking him up via television set at Garcian's trailerhouse. At the start of the game, it is heavily implied (through the prologue mission, Angel) that Harman is the dominant personality, not Garcian. This is later debunked during the Killer7's final mission as a team, Smile.

Throughout the game, Harman is rarely controlled by the player, usually at the end of a level. In Angel, Harman encounters his rival Kun Lan. At the end of the game, Harman and Kun Lan have another fight a century later in Shanghai that is very similar to the one from the first level, where Kun Lan proclaims:

"Harman, the world won't change. All It does is turn."

Official Website DescriptionEdit

Harman Smith

The central character in this story. He is an elderly man of 65,
physically dependent on his live-in nursing assistant. However, when
aroused he shows his true colors as the "God Killer."
His massive armor piercing rifle is one of his professional trademarks.

Quotes Edit

"Oh, Garcian. How long has it been?" -- character selection screen

"Dan, hang in there. You're not ready yet." -- character selection screen, as Young Harman

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