The Horse Saber is a weapon in the video game No More Heroes. It is an abstract beam katana which largely remains a mystery, not only because of its use by Dark Star, an assassin whose background is completely unknown, but also because of its unique nature as a beam katana like no other. Like the D.O.S., the blade of the Horse Saber is activated when the hilt is removed from its "scabbard," the crown of a bascinet, and using the wire and needled attachment on the grip of the hilt, its enormous, dragon-shaped "blade" is emitted. Unlike standard beam katanas which feature stationary blade projection, the blade of the Horse Saber waves in notions which imply it may contain a certain degree of artificial intelligence. Exactly how it is deactivated, however, is not certain. Though its blade resembles a dragon, the Horse Saber takes its name from its hilt, shaped in the form of a stallion.

Trading cardEdit

The Horse Saber prominently appears on one trading card in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes, which is Trading Card No. 85. The weapon appears undrawn in two additional cards however. These are No. 83 and No. 145.