Jeane is a character who appears briefly in the true ending of No More Heroes. She is the third character in the game to bear the name Jeane, after Jeane the assassin and Jeane the cat. She appears to be the daughter of Sylvia Christel, and is shown admiring a painting of Travis Touchdown and Henry Cooldown at an art gallery with her mother.

Shortly after this scene, Sylvia makes fun of the sudden appearance of the character by saying "I know" to the player, before adding "too bad there won't be a sequel". Despite this, Jeane is never even alluded to in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


  • There is a theory that the entirety of the game is a story that Jeane came up with based on the painting of Travis and Henry.
  • Fandom consensus generally posits Jeane to be Sylvia's daughter with her ex-husband, Henry Cooldown. However, it is also speculated that Travis could be Jeane's father, meaning that the true ending potentially takes place in the far future.
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