Not to be confused with Dr. Letz Shake.

Letz Shake (レッツ・シェイク, Rettsu Sheiku) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. He is a 22-year-old Singaporean assassin and vocalist of a punk band; his real name is unknown. He is ranked fifth in the United Assassins Association. His weapon, the Earthquake Maker, was previously a war weapon owned by the LB. Army and contains the brain of its inventor, Dr. Letz Shake. While he speaks with a comical German accent, in-game concept cards confirm him to be Singaporean. The top half of his overalls has been flipped outwards and the kanji 大地震 (huge earthquake) have been drawn in. He and Dr. Shake are bisected by Henry in an anticlimactic fashion just as Travis Touchdown begins to attack. The visor and wristpad he dons during the set-up phase of Dr. Shake resemble that of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, while Dr. Shake contains engines that reference the PlayStation 3's cell microprocessor and the Xbox 360's Trinity engine. Letz Shake seems to have the same on-stage mannerisms as the late singer, Michael Jackson, such as the crotch-grab.

Letz Shake is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Trading cardsEdit

Letz Shake appears on three trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are No. 71, No. 72 and No. 141.


  • Letz Shake's name mirrors his weapon, the Earthquake Maker's ability to shake the Earth with great force.
  • Trading cards which feature concept art of Letz Shake reveal that early in the development of No More Heroes, he was originally called Let's Shake, and had hair colored red instead of green.

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