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This is a list of all minor characters in killer7 who do not have enough information or backstory given to justify a full article.



Spencer is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and an advisor to the US President. When the missile strike against Japan is detected, he immediately notifies the President and asks for his permission to deploy the Fireworks.

Three Young MenEdit

The three waiters who welcome MASK de Smith to Restaurant Fukushima. After greeting him they transform into Heaven Smiles.


Stacy SpanglesEdit

Although not actually seen in person, Stacy Spangles is performing a concert at a stadium (identified in beta shots as the Silverdome in Dallas) when Andrei Ulmeyda appears on TV shortly before it explodes. hand in killer7 reveals that the record label she was signed to was bought out by the Ishizaka Corporation in 2001 as a demonstration of its financial clout.

Old ManEdit

The old man who greets Garcian Smith at the entrance to Ulmeyda InterCity. He comments on the fact that they rarely get many black people visiting the area. He also looks at the numerous posters of Ulmeyda every day.

Cult MemberEdit

A member of Ulmeyda's cult who died in unknown circumstances, he replaces Iwazaru as the killer7's guide for the duration of the mission as Iwazaru cannot stand afros. Despite appearing outwardly fanatical about Ulmeyda, he also asserts that he is an atheist.

Man in PhotographEdit

Cloudman maninpicture

A man whose photograph hangs in the diner. He was killed by another cult member who was jealous of his rare Ulmeyda Figurine No. 12, which can be found in his home at 206 Terry Street. Interestingly, he bears a resemblance to a similar-looking character seen only in beta version trailers.

Drug Store EmployeeEdit

Cloudman drugstorelady

'This is an old town, and we respect tradition. I can't get along with a bunch of newcomers who just waltzed on in.'

A young woman who works in the InterCity drugstore. She is apparently a 'slave to tradition' and a 'repressed' woman. As well as commenting on Ulmeyda's outdated afro hairstyle, she notes that things have gotten strange since people with weird smiles started moving in.


An employee at the post office and Ulmeyda's former colleague. He is jealous of Ulmeyda's success and believes him to be a trickster who sold the city's soul in exchange for his rise to the top. He wishes that he could have obtained whatever it was that Ulmeyda used to fuel his ascent.

Security GuardEdit

Cloudman securityguard

'But I tell you something, though. Even we don't know what goes on inside this building.'

A well-meaning but naive security guard who works in a small kiosk just outside the main First Life Industries offices. He initially refuses the killer7 entry but lets him after direct orders from Ulmeyda come through. Despite his proximity to the headquarters he admits he doesn't know what goes on inside, and seems unaware that the building is literally a facade.



Referred to in hand in killer7 as 'Curtis' Bitch', she is shot in the head by Curtis Blackburn in the back of his limousine shortly before his assault on the Bureau of Immigration offices; her death is intended to act as a distraction whilst he kills everyone inside. According to hand in killer7, she got high in Curtis' car before she was killed.

Bureau of Immigration EmployeesEdit

Four employees who are killed by Curtis Blackburn in the Bureau of Immigration offices. Interestingly, like the Red Gunners, there are two women and two men. Whether this similarity is intentional or not is unknown.


Also known as the Fallen Angel, she is a highly mysterious and possibly divine figure who appears to Dan Smith after he kills the Ceramic Smile at ISZK Land, where She grants him the Demon Gun as well as a Soul Shell. She has a pair of wings, pale skin and red hair; her breasts, waist and upper-right thigh are bound in red bandages. Given Dan's nickname of 'The Hellion', his remark to Curtis that he'd been 'to see the devil' and her gift of the Demon Gun, it is entirely possible that she is some kind of demonic emissary who has some kind of personal connection with Dan.

Alter EgoEdit

Steve ThundersonEdit

A Democratic Party Congressman (presumably for Washington) who is assassinated by The Handsome Men. His death was part of a recent plotline in the HANDSOMEMAN comics, written by Trevor Pearlharbor and published by ZTT Comics.


A guitar-playing musician who lives in Santo Domingo. He welcomes Dan Smith to the city by playing a song; Con Smith must listen out for this song later on in order to progress through the city's maze-like streets. hand in killer7 describes him as a native Dominican 'who knows the sweet and bitter sides of life.' From his comments he seems aware of the presence of the Heaven Smiles in Santo Domingo.


Greg NightmareEdit

The US Secretary of Education, Greg Nightmare is an obese, besuited man with tanned skin and short grey hair, and, according to both Kenjiro Matsuoka and the tapes left by Holbert, the true power behind the US Government. He was hanged in the Coburn Elementary School gymnasium by Benjamin Keane, who was envious of his power and influence over the US electoral system. After Garcian confronts Matsuoka in the gym, Greg comes back to life and attempts to take out the killer7 with the Golden Gun; the Smiths must shoot him from side to side until his trousers fly off, at which point they must shoot his bloody crotch until it explodes. Doing so, however, spawns 7 invincible Black Smiles. He is effectively the final boss of the game, unless the player counts the Last Smile. It is unknown whether he has any connection to Dimitri Nightmare.

Gary WanderersEdit

After Samantha Sitbon is found dead and raped (although Iwazaru simply says she 'disappeared'), Iwazaru replaces her with Gary Wanderers, a silent, immaculately-tailored butler who takes over Samantha's duties in Harman's Room. hand in killer7 comments that fans of Samantha are doubtless disappointed by him.

hand in killer7 exclusive charactersEdit


The love of Harman Deltahead's life. She was murdered in 1768; Harman subsequently gained the ability to see Remnant Psyches after being guided by Kun Lan to the villa where she was killed.

Jim TownsendEdit

The head of the Jim Townsend Survey Company, a firm that posed as a census institute; its real business was carrying out contract killings. Harman Deltahead killed Townsend in 1775, three years after joining the company.

Dr. Graham MacAlisterEdit

A neurologist who had a fateful encounter with Harman Smith in Seattle in 1975. Whilst on his way to meet an old colleague, Dr. John Gibbon, he was confronted by Harman and Christopher Mills, who told him they needed a place to stay; MacAlister obliged by letting them stay in his room at the Union Hotel. There he witnessed first-hand Harman's ability to transform his body into the forms of the other members of the Smith Syndicate. Following this he worked as Harman's private doctor whilst studying the elderly assassin's strange powers, giving them the specific term 'Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon'. After proposing his theory to the medical community MacAlister vanished, until he was found hanged in 1998 clutching an essay detailing his experiences. Whether or not he has any relation to either the Mad Doctor or Edo Macalister is unknown.

Jack FoleyEdit

A journalist working for Spreading the Truth. hand in killer7 features three of Foley's investigative articles, an interview with a scientist involved in the creation of Heaven Smiles, a small history of the Ishizaka Corporation and an investigation into the truth behind First Life Industries. All three were published in 2003; however, Foley himself died in an 'accident' in August that year.

Mr. AEdit

A scientist interviewed by Jack Foley who is involved in the creation of new varieties of Heaven Smiles. His testimony confirms what the game hints at several times: most Heaven Smiles are directly created by Kun Lan's God Hand itself, but after Mr. A and two other scientists discovered how to artificially replicate and alter the characteristics of the light emanating from the hand they began to create new types of Smiles. These Smiles were produced by using trafficked bodies (presumably the organ and body trafficking ring Curtis Blackburn and Pedro Montana run) and were created in a country in southeast Asia. Mr. A and his colleagues then made the mistake of forming a bargain with Kun Lan, who repaid them by slowly transforming them into Heaven Smiles themselves.

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