The locations of all forty-nine Lovikov Balls in Santa Destroy.

Lovikov Balls are items in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. They are red balls with a small yellow logo depicting Russian nesting dolls that are found throughout Santa Destroy. They don't seem to possess any unique characteristics beyond being simple toy balls, but strangely they are highly valued by Randall Lovikov, a local Russian drunk who spends his time at the town's bar plastic model, hence the name "Lovikov" Ball. When Travis Touchdown visits bar plastic model with at least seven Lovikov Balls, Lovikov's interest will be sparked enough to lend his memory towards teaching Touchdown a special technique. There are forty-nine Lovikov Balls scattered throughout Santa Destroy, amounting to a total of seven techniques available to Travis.



Travis Touchdown approaches a Lovikov Ball.

Technique of BeautyEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Three
  • Description: Displays the position of enemies on the mini-map.

Technique of LoveEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Demon
  • No More Heroes description: Allows a "Jumping slash" to be performed by shaking the Nunchuk.
  • Heroes' Paradise description: Become able to perform "Jumping Slash" with the R2 and Triangle buttons (Motion Controller: Shake downward).

Technique of BizarreEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Child
  • Description:
  • No More Heroes description: Allows a "dash" to be performed by pressing the B Button.
  • Heroes' Paradise description: Become able to perform "Dash" with the Cross button (T button).

Technique of GodEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Woman
  • Description: Extends Dark Side Mode time limit.

Technique of AffinityEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Mask
  • Description: Increases the range of your "grab".

Technique of MysteryEdit

  • Memory: Memory of Tattoo
  • Description: Earn bonuses based on your rank.

Technique of Crazy AwesomenessEdit

  • Memory: Memory of White
  • Description:
  • No More Heroes description: Allows a "jumping down attack" to be performed.
  • Heroes' Paradise description: Become able to perform a "Jump Down Attack" on fallen enemies from afar.


  • The Lovikov Balls are a reference to the Dragon Balls from the manga and anime franchise of the same name, as evidenced by the fact that seven are required to choose a reward, and the game's instruction manual refers to them as being part of a wish-granting dragon.
  • The names of the seven memories are likely each based on one of the members of the Killer7:
    • Memory of Three is an allusion to Garcian Smith, sometimes thought to represent the "Son" of the Holy Trinity, or more verifiably, a character who possesses three eyes. The Technique of Beauty refers to his experience and skills as a professional "cleaner".
    • Memory of Demon is an allusion to Dan Smith, who has the nickname "Demon" and similarly named weaponry. The Technique of Love refers to his enjoyment of destruction and bloodlust.
    • Memory of Child is an allusion to Con Smith, the youngest member of the group at 14 years old. The Technique of Bizarre refers to Con's phenomenal sprinting and speed.
    • Memory of Woman is an allusion to KAEDE Smith, the only female member of the Killer7. The Technique of God refers to her powers to commune with Izawaru's wife and ability to perform otherwise supernatural things.
    • Memory of Mask is an allusion to MASK de Smith, a luchador who, by proxy, always wears a mask. The Technique of Affinity refers to Mask's occupation and wrestling skills.
    • Memory of Tattoo is an allusion to Coyote Smith, a thief depicted as a wild ruffian. The Technique of Mystery refers to the occupation of Coyote, which would ensure better rewards for a job well done.
    • Memory of White is an allusion to Kevin Smith, a silent albino who can become transparent. The Technique of Crazy Awesomeness refers to Kevin's skilled use of the knife.

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