Takashi Miike

Man 2.

"Man 2" (男2, Otoko Tsū) is the title given to an otherwise unnamed character in the video game No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Voiced by Japanese film director Takashi Miike, the game's initial script notes his's resemblance to Miike,[1] suggesting "Man 2" is in fact a fictionalized version of the director. The script also recognizes Miike as Bishop Shidux's idol.[1] The character is never given a name during gameplay or the credit roll, "Man 2" being what he is credited as in the game's script. An acquaintance of Shidux, he is instructed to deliver the Rose Nasty to Travis Touchdown. Encountering Shinobu at Shidux's grave, he entrusts its delivery to her.

The man speaks with a heavy Japanese accent and speaks of being good friends with Bishop in the form of pen pals, despite the language barrier seperating them. In the first game, both Travis and Bishop are implied to be huge fans of Miike's movies, as is Suda Goichi in real life.


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