Master Jacobs (ジェイコブス師範, JEIKOBUSU Shihan) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. He was the father of United Assassins Association member Shinobu, born Scarlet Jacobs, and a renowned swordsman who produced a number of training videos. Travis Touchdown is one of Jacobs' most dedicated fans, having admittedly watched his tapes so many times that they eventually wore out. Jacobs was murdered, possibly by someone wielding a beam katana, as Shinobu accuses Touchdown of being her father's killer during their Ranking Battle upon seeing him draw his own beam katana. It is possible that Touchdown's twin brother Henry was the one who killed Shinobu's father, as it isn't until Touchdown activates his beam katana that Shinobu's overall tolerance of him harshens and she proclaims she will avenge her father, as Henry wields a beam katana similar to Touchdown's Tsubaki models. Shinobu states after losing to Touchdown that her father was killed after being bisected, a style of execution Henry later demonstrates on Letz Shake and Dr. Letz Shake, and Ermen Palmer.

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