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McAllister is a character in the video game Diabolical Pitch.

Appearance and personalityEdit

McAllister pitches for the Santa Destroy Red Tigers and wears the uniform number 51. Celebrated for "one of the most amazing winning streaks in baseball history," McAllister takes the Red Tigers to the World Series championship, albeit at the cost of a debilitating shoulder injury. This is significant because Santa Destroy's other foray into baseball with the Santa Destroy Warriors, though resulting in a professional league team, proved unpopular for its hostility towards spectators.

McAllister's injury ends his career and he becomes embittered, calling it the death of the American dream. Completely hopeless, he plans a trip to Queen Christine's Dreamland after reading online how the park is a place where dreams come true. Suddenly McAllister's car collides with a trailer truck and he wakes before an anthropomorphic cow in Queen Christine's Dreamland. The cow notices McAllister's injured arm and offers him a mechanical one, which restores all movements to his arm and fingers. The cow cannot permit McAllister to leave the park however, as "all dreams come with a price." McAllister then puts his new arm to the test against hordes of violent anthropomorphic dolls.

McAllister makes his way across Queen Christine's Dreamland and confronts Christine in battle, sending a Diabolical Pitch through her heart and destroying her body. The spirit of Christine speaks, granting McAllister his original arm. The park then begins to crumble and McAllister wakes up on the baseball diamond where his shoulder was damaged. In his confusion, the catcher hands McAllister the "game-winning ball" to take the Red Tigers to the World Series championship, where the uninjured McAllister can join them, and he throws it as the crowd cheers.

McAllister considers his high school national championships to be his most important games, in which he recalls pitching against FSR High School's Eugene Guerrero. Both teams held a score of zero in this game until the twenty-seventh inning, when a tie-breaker was rescheduled for the next day. McAllister and Guerrero did not pitch in this deciding match, disappointing McAllister even into his professional career. However McAllister continued to hold an interest in Guerrero's sports career, lamenting that they cannot face each other in the World Series, as Guerrero plays in a different league.

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