Mika is one of the three main protagonist of the Twilight Syndrome series and is the main in Moonlight Syndrome.

Mika is very courageous as shown in the second installment when she decides to investigate on her own, though she often investigates the incidents she may be accompanied by Chisato or Yukari.

By Moonlight, she seems to have regained her regular life until the god of contract Mithra makes a pact with Ryo to protect her by extending her life span. Though she starts to suffer the syndrome when Ryo's pact was broken, and in consequence, Mithra would take her mind, body and soul.

The cast composed by Yukari, Chisato, Arisa and Ryo attempt to investigate, but fails to find anything and are informed by the principal that Mika has gone missing, before trying to kill Chisato and Yukari, but ends up killed himself when the moon causes the floor to crumble, sending to his death.

Shortly after that, the group attempts to save Mika, but ends up dying one by one until Ryo manages to kill Mithra with dead Chisato's help.

During the credits, Ryo finds Mika and then hug each other affectionately. Though, after credits, she's found now trapped in the television in the same room as Ryo watches the T.V, holding a bag with his sister's head.

Her personality in Twilight is carefree and free spirited. She is mature in Moonlight.

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