Mikami Heads are special enemies featured in Shadows of the DAMNED. They are one of the rarest demon varieties, appearing only twice in the entire game.

Mikami Heads, true to their name, take the appearance of three massive demonic faces fused together with flesh and metal. A powerful set of drills are located on the top of the heads, allowing them to burrow around and ambush Garcia Hotspur. The Heads can summon an endless supply of Demons, although they themselves cannot attack and are rooted to one spot; however, they can generate a localised zone of Darkness, transforming their cohorts into more dangerous Dark Demons.

The only way to incapacitate a Mikami Head is to enter the Darkness and destroy the three Demon Cores positioned between each face's chin. Doing so will kill it instantly and disperse the cylinder of Darkness.

Although they only appear a total of two times (in the graveyard in Act 2-3 and in the sewers in Act 3-1), Mikami Heads can be useful for acquiring White Gems as they generate an endless supply of demons as long as they are not killed. A good tactic is to stand in the small side-corridor in the underground sewer fight and kill the demons as they approach, while occasionally purchasing drinks from the nearby vending machine if necessary. This can greatly assist in getting the 'Stingy Bastard' achievement.


  • Mikami Heads are possibly named after Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil series of survival horror games published by Capcom. This is likely a pun of the enemy being "the father of survival horror" as it continually spawns enemies for one to survive much akin to how Mikami is often dubbed as the father of survival horror genre.

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