Without mushrooms, there is no glory, nothing! There is no love, nothing makes sense!

Mushrooms are items in Let It Die.

They are the source of much of the world's ills, and were possibly unleashed during the Earth Rage tectonic shift that wreaked catastrophic damage to most of the planet. Mushrooms and their spores can be found throughout the Tower of Barbs, mutating anything with which they come into contact, such as the small animals that roam the tower. They are also responsible for the zombification of human corpses, and are apparently lethal in themselves as well. For this reason, humans who enter the Tower of Barbs take pains to wear a variety of headgear to protect themselves.

However, some mushrooms have useful effects and can be utilised by canny Fighters to good effect. Depending on the variety, they might heal the Fighter, confer status bonuses, slow enemies, or explode like a grenade, to name a few possibilities. Their properties are often improved through cooking.

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