The Network of Intercontinental Expressways, also known as the Intercontinental Highway, is a concept featured in killer7. All commercial air travel was halted in 1998, officially in order to combat terrorism. In reality, the decision lay in the United Nations' increasing fear that it was unable to properly control the global markets due to the speed with which materials could be easily transported around the world. Reports of a virulent disease which spread globally via air travel were published by various medical institutes - a move likely orchestrated by the UN - and as a result the air industry was effectively grounded permanently.

This necessitated an alternate method of international transportation, and in 2002 a vast highway linking North America and Europe was constructed over the Atlantic Ocean. This was soon followed by the development of similar highways elsewhere around the world, as well as the creation of a material distribution system known as the International Mass-Scale Transportation System. This system, which was powered by a newly-discovered energy source, used a giant metal plate (of several kilometres in area) to transport materials across the sea bed. Construction of the system began in 2003 and was approximately 40% complete by 2005. By the events of killer7 the project is still underway, although the expansion of the highway network has become riddled with corruption as unscrupulous politicians grant concessions to companies involved in the construction.

Emir Parkreiner uses the Pacific extension of the Expressway during the events of Lion in order to reach the isolated Battleship Island.

The highway may have its roots in the Lost and Past Highways featured in Flower, Sun and Rain. These roads link Lospass Island with its nearby neighbours and extend for many miles over the Pacific. They are the only way to access the island, apart from the airport.

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