Specially-marked toilet paper was distributed at promotional events for two games in the No More Heroes series. A launch event for No More Heroes was held in Chiyoda, Tokyo at Sofmap Amusement on December 6, 2007.[1] Goichi Suda and Yasuhiro Wada, director and producer of the game, appeared at the event, handing out rolls of toilet paper to the game's first buyers.[1] Later when No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was unveiled at PAX on September 4, 2009 in Seattle, Washington, publisher Ubisoft handed out a new roll to attendees.[2] Both rolls are extremely rare and it is impossible to tell how many survive to date. A third roll was seen during an interview with Suda in 2008,[3] however it is unclear if or where these ones were distributed.


  • The 2007 rolls have been shown to depict pink PR illustrations for Travis Touchdown, Thunder Ryu and Holly Summers, as well as the game's logo. They came in a package that showed Touchdown waving hello from his toilet. Suda and Wada can be seen with a pile of rolls in photos from the launch event.
  • Details of the 2008 roll have not been made clear. It is wrapped in packaging mimicking the European cover art for No More Heroes, however European hand-outs were not publicized. The actual rolls have not been shown outside their packages. Over a dozen rolls are seen in photos from a Eurogamer interview.
  • The 2009 rolls have been shown to depict grey PR illustrations for Travis Touchdown, Sylvia Christel, Shinobu Jacobs and Nathan Copeland, as well as the game's logo. They came packaged in a transparent plastic wrap. Unlike the other rolls, the number of Desperate Struggle rolls pressed cannot be quantified as there are no images of these rolls gathered together at PAX.



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