Old School is a series of clothes found in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and bought in underground outlet Airport 51.


Old School is an updated version of Travis' original No More Heroes outfit made specifically for Desperate Struggle. Matching the entire attire to near exactness, those with nostalgia for the original will find what they're looking for.

Notable features include this outfit being a throwback for the first initial No More Heroes outfit.

Series' FeaturesEdit

  • Sunglasses: The Sunflower set of shades.
  • Jacket: The Red Hot Jacket, left open wide with the largest amount of space to view whatever t-shirt he's wearing.
  • Wristband: His original Santa Destroy sweatband and brown leather glove. The leather glove is now identical to his Casual Wristband, with brown leather making up the horizontal stripes on the backhand.
  • Belt: The Lizard Belt, still made of pure iguana skin.
  • Pants: The Tiger 510s.
  • Shoes: His initial set of white red striped shoes.

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