Project Defender Ophan is the final boss of Sine Mora. It is a large security robot responsible for guarding The Project deep within the floating fortress of Siriad. Akyta Dryad engages Ophan during her attempt to destroy Siriad and end the suffering of the Enkies enslaved by the Layil Empire. She is successful, but is assumed by the Empire to have perished in the ensuing explosion.

An unspecified time later, Collaborationist intelligence officer Argus Pytel learns that there were two foreign lifeforms detected within Siriad on the day of its destruction. Stricken with remorse over accidentally killing his father, Pytel decides to intervene during the battle and destroy Ophan himself. Reappearing moments before Dryad lands the final shots on Ophan, Pytel tells Dryad to save herself and her unborn child by disappearing into the past. Pytel subsequently destroys Ophan and Siriad with it.

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