The Modified Observatory Palladion is a boss featured in Sine Mora. It is fought at the end of STAGE - V.B.

The Palladion is an Enkie observatory which has been apparently converted into a defense installation for use in the war against the Layil Empire. The observatory's telescope lenses have been modified to shoot laser beams and bullets, while a floating apparatus armed with rocket launchers and gun turrets provides additional security. This apparatus is also able to call down a gigantic laser beam which fills most of the screen, levitating chunks of earth up into the air and causing instant death if touched.

Myryan Magusa attacks the Palladion under the orders of Ronotra Koss, who hopes that by taking over the Enkie aerial defense installation they can destroy the Imperial bombing squad before they can drop their payload. Magusa disables the Palladion's ground defenses, allowing GARAI 74/22876 to enter it and carry out the final part of Koss' plan.

Two hundred circles later, at the time of Lynthe Ytoo's diversionary attack on Tira, the hill where the Palladion was situated has been converted into a park.


A palladium or palladion is an image or object upon which the safety of a city or nation is believed to depend. The term originally referred to the Trojan Palladium, a wooden effigy of the goddess Athena which protected the city of Troy; the Achaean heroes Odysseus and Diomedes, upon learning that the city could not be taken while the Palladium remained in Trojan hands, stole the object and so rendered the city vulnerable. According to later myth, the Palladium was recovered and eventually transported to Rome, where it came to symbolise a kind of divine assurance of the continued safety and prosperity of the city. The term was later adopted by the Christian church, where certain icons of Christ and the Virgin Mary were credited with defending cities and armies from defeat.

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