Randall Lovikov (Рэндалл Ловиков, Réndall Lovikov; ランドル・ロビィコフ, Randoru Robikofu) is a character in the video game No More Heroes. He is a drunken, 43-year-old[1] Russian man who seems to always spend his time drinking at Santa Destroy's bar plastic model, a bar in Gold Town. His memories reach out to Travis Touchdown to teach special moves and skills by beating the assassin senseless, each of which are named after the Smith Syndicate from killer7. After Travis has learned all of Randall's moves, the man goes on to tell Travis about the dangers of the path that he is on, as if talking from personal experience he tells Travis that there may not be a prize waiting for him at the end of the road and that the view isn't as good as what Travis might think. He then tells Travis to choose his own path, and that he has nothing left to teach him, very similar to Thunder Ryu's last words. It is revealed during No More Heroes 1.5 that he was killed by Pizza Bat's henchmen.

Randall Lovikov is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Trading cardsEdit

Randall Lovikov appears on two trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are Trading Card No. 94 and Trading Card No. 95.


  • In his PR Illustration, Lovikov can be seen holding a bottle of Kikuzakari's Electric Bodhisattva sake. The same logo on the bottle also appears on Denki Bosatsu, one of the unlockable T-shirts in No More Heroes.


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