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Ryo Kazan is a character in the video games Moonlight Syndrome and The Silver. He is the younger brother of Kyoko Kazan, whom he shares an incestuous relationship with. Jealous of this, Sumio Touba has Kyoko killed. Ryo is later invited to the VIP room of the Lost Highway nightclub by Yayoi Itsushima, where she hands him a bag containing the head of his sister. After the death of Touba, Ryo receives a phone call from Kyoko, which should not be possible as she is dead; making matters more sinister, Ryo has been saving Kyoko's head since Itsushima presented it to him at the Lost Highway.

Itsushima and Mithra blackmail Ryo into a contract which saves Mika Kishi's life, which would have otherwise been taken by her best friend Arisa Kahara. Ryo accepts the bargain because Kishi reminds him of Kyoko, and as he regrets not being able to protect his sister, he consents to Mithra's deal as a chance to redeem himself. Ryo later kills Mithra, and with Chisato Itsushima, finds the body of Kahara, the girl who his bargain prevented from killing Kishi earlier. Ryo gradually loses his mind, until he threatens detective Tetsuguro Kusabi, who chases him into the Cauliflower building and shoots him to death.

Ryo is a highschool dropout.He was never sociable Mikas cheerful demanor made them friends seeing how she had an uncanny resemblance.He sees her as a replacement but slowly falls in love with her.This however ends tragically as Ryos contract forbid him from becoming intimate with her causing Mithra to take her body and soul leading to the ending.

In the bullet train where they were in another dimension Ryo's desire causes him to rape Mika when she was naked and out cold, Mithra used those against him

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