STAGE - I.A. is the second stage of Sine Mora.



Moneta Point...

We call it the Eternal War, but to be realistic, the bombing of Mirage Mountain all but wiped our nation off the map. Since the war broke out, more than 2 million Enkies have vanished without a trace. Imperial storm-troopers and Collaborationist head-hunters dragged them away; women, men, and children alike. The way we figure it, data in the Moneta research base might point us to their location, and how we may be able to help them.

We shall take every measure, no matter how few our numbers may be.


In the life of a male, sexuality is paramount. This is undeniable. Some thinkers have even gone so far as to place sex in the center of what makes the world go round.

"Making love is the ultimate form of self expression, I figure. I wish I could share with you the truth of how I feel. There are some things that cannot be put into words. So many words have been used to describe feelings, and what we call love - but all of that is public domain. These words have no value, because they can't possibly describe the true experience, which is locked away inside the heart of each person who has loved." - these are the words of Enkie terrorist Lynthe Ytoo, who maintained a sexual relationship with the rebel leader known as Akyta Dryad, among others.

This intel was gleaned by our informant, who also told us of the plans this "resistance" had for Moneta. We didn't interfere - we hoped that discovering the truth about what happened to their people would make them come to realize the futility of their efforts.


While Enkie resistance members Akyta Dryad and Durak infiltrate the Layil Empire's research base at Moneta Point, fellow pilot Lynthe Ytoo diverts attention away from the pair by attacking the surface defenses. Ytoo is ambushed by a Kolobok war machine, but manages to drive it off by destroying most of its frontal armor plating. However, the Kolobok soon returns, forcing Ytoo to destroy it for good.

It is revealed by Argus Pytel in the alternative narrative that Layil intelligence was aware of the resistance's planned attack on Moneta Point, thanks to an informant. However, the Empire allows the operation to proceed in the hope that learning the truth about The Project will dissuade the Enkie resistance from future attacks.

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