STAGE - I.B is the fifth stage of Sine Mora.


Enkie resistance members Akyta Dryad and Durak launch an attack on the Layil Empire research base at Moneta Point in the hope of finding information on the whereabouts of the surviving Enkie population. Lynthe Ytoo mounts a diversionary attack on the base's surface defenses while Dryad ventures through the underground tunnel that once functioned as the service tunnel for the Bokumono prison facility. Dryad passes through the tunnel and encounters the research base's guard train, the Matouschka, while above ground Ytoo is forced to fight off a Kolobok. Dryad disables the Matouschka while Durak rescues the base's Enkie captives, and the mission succeeds without a single Enkie fatality.

However, the operation answers the question of what has happened to all the Enkies who have disappeared following the Empire's victory - they have been experimented upon and surgically altered by Imperial scientists, who are attempting to use the Enkies' time-travelling abilities for their own purposes. Imperial intelligence, as revealed by Argus Pytel, hoped that this discovery would crush the resistance's spirit, but the revelations have the opposite effect on Ytoo and the others.



We didn't lose a single person during the Moneta operation... but we lost an entire civilization. The scientific data and documents we found there were horrific beyond what we could imagine.

The Imperials, hoping to develop technology that could control time, burned out or otherwise destroyed all their Enkie captives' sensory organs, in order to make them more docile and easier to handle. These deaf, blind, nerveless creatures are indistinct from the worms in the Moneta caves. Except for their dreams, that is. The only thing that keeps them from simply expiring is their occasional rememberance of life... inspired of course by a fear of death.

The Project could be described as a nation living in fear, serving as slaves to a planet. There is no technology that can fix what's been done to them. There is no way to right this wrong. Even if we free our people, we cannot give them back their lives. It's over for the Enkies.


I've sought God for two times ten circles, and still cannot say with confidence that I've found him, or that he has found me. If anyone asks, I just say that I'm a believer, but not religious. I do believe there is some truth at the heart of the ancient books of divinity. Without exception, they preach the same mantra.

Live in decency. Live so as to never harm another.

I've searched for two times ten circles, only to find that I already knew the answer. It's very simple: I'm nothing more than a tiny speck of dust, and what can dust know of God? It was upon this discovery that I ended the lengthy and foolish dispute that had raged within me: What would I tell Him, and what cleverly-phrased questions would I pose to Him upon meeting Him face to face? I'll never meet him, of course. For our kind, this was never destined to happen, just as a blade of grass shall never talk about the mysteries of existence with the insect that crawls upon it.

Live in decency. This is an enormous challenge for most, but it's a noble and worthy life pursuit. Living so as not to harm another... Well... after Moneta Point, this was asking the impossible.

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