STAGE - II.B is the third stage of Sine Mora.


As part of his plan to wreak revenge on the surviving crew members of the Cobalt King, Ronotra Koss infiltrates the underwater prison facility of Bokumono, where former Cobalt King gunner Regis Pyre has been incarcerated. After making his way through the service tunnel Koss destroys the Acridoidea, a submarine responsible for patrolling the facility, and fires two torpedoes into Pyre's cell block, killing everybody inside.



Regis Pyre was the gunner of the Cobalt King. Fifth in a staff of seven. He wasn't my son's killer, but my revenge caught him up, as it did all other members of that damned crew. It took me circles to find him. The Empire cast him into Bokumono for rape, and for all anyone cared he would have rotted there forever.

The girl he raped was an Enkie named Myryan Magusa, but her racial handicap was a well-kept secret. Should it ever come to light, she'd end up in a dirty, forgotten labor camp like the rest. So far she's dodged suspicion; Imperialists are too half-witted to look beneath the surface.

She was young and tough, but more important for my purposes, she was a pilot who could be politically compromised. I needed her to help me pay that bastard back for the death of my son.

Pyre wormed his way into her body. I did the same with her soul. I threatened her with exposure, so she stuck by me.


True revenge can be shockingly prosaic. It lacks elegance or grace. I wasted nearly a circle preparing Regis Pyre for the moment when my father's revenge would find him. I taught him to give a signal, what to do and say in order to warn my father.

It was all in vain. In literature, revenge is undertaken only after lengthy monologues, after the accused has a chance to speak up for himself. My father gave him no such chance. He killed the bastard in cold blood without saying a word. He always knew how to point out my imperfections; I couldn't even predict his actions in this one instance.

Just goes to show how little we cared to get to know one another.

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