STAGE - V.B is the thirteenth and penultimate stage of Sine Mora.


As part of Ronotra Koss' plan for revenge, Myryan Magusa approaches the Enkies' main aerial defense installation at Mirage Mountain with the goal of disabling its ground defenses, thus allowing GARAI 74/22876 to enter and commandeer its targeting system. Magusa passes through the same train tunnel used by Lynthe Ytoo two hundred circles later and ascends a hill to engage the Palladion, an observatory which has been converted into a military base. She successfully opens the way for GARAI to enter the Palladion before bidding Koss and the AiBot farewell. As Magusa flies off a gigantic explosion engulfs the city, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake. GARAI's fate and the success of Koss' plan are left ambiguous.



I, all on my own, managed to commit the two greatest blunders in the history of Imperial Intelligence. First, I had my name switched with that of the treasonous pilot of the Cobalt King in the report on the battle at Mirage Mountain. Central Intelligence believed my work would be easier to accomplish if our enemies presumed me dead. This was a mistake, knowing my father, but at the time I had no idea he would spin such an elaborate web of revenge.

I made my second mistake when the order came down to find out who had been methodically erasing every surviving member of the Cobalt King's crew. We set up a trap, and I took the place of Zach Gully, the long dead co-pilot. The very man who in reports had supposedly killed me.

I volunteered to do the job, hoping to end the killing spree. After all, if the murderer knew of the forgery, he might lump me in with the same lot. I wanted to face him head on, not get stabbed in the back.

We faced each other, indeed - and I killed my own father as he attempted to avenge my death. These mistakes are unforgivable. All I can do is live with them.


Who was Myryan Magusa? I never could find out. Perhaps she was my father's bedmate. Perhaps she meant even more to him than that. Or less. What Myryan Magusa was, on the other hand, I managed to discover when I got my hands on her autopsy report. She was an Enkie, probably a survivor of Mirage Mountain. And she was ill with leukemia. With a fake ID, she became a citizen of the Empire.

She was still alive when I found her. She was in room 644 of the Solis hospital, voiceless, with dead eyes - I couldn't get a word from her. Whoever she was, she helped my father. May she rest in peace.

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