San Romero is the primary setting of Lollipop Chainsaw. It is the home of Juliet Starling and her family, who defend the city from paranormal threats and undead incursions. Many of San Romero's citizens are transformed into zombies when Swan, a student at San Romero High School who seeks revenge on society for tormenting him, opens a portal to the evil dimension known as the Rotten World. Swan's magic ritual also summons the Dark Purveyors, five special zombies who proceed to cause chaos around the city.

Juliet and Nick visit various parts of San Romero during their attempts to stop Swan and the Dark Purveyors. These include:

  • Parking - The parking lot for San Romero High School.
  • San Romero High School - San Romero's premier learning establishment. Juliet, Nick and Swan are all students here.
  • Junkyard - A junkyard located near the high school, full of wrecked cars and other broken vehicles.
  • Stadium - A stadium attached to the high school.
  • O' Bannon Farm - A large and sprawling farm located on the outskirts of San Romero.
  • Fulci Fun Center - An arcade tower in the shape of a video games cabinet. A popular hangout for many San Romero High School students.
  • San Romero Cathedral - A gothic-looking cathedral which is still under construction.

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