Seattle, Washington is the setting of much of killer7. Except for minor differences inherent in all aspects of the game's world, it seems to be more or less a representation of the real-world city. Notable locations within Seattle:

  • The "Celtic" Building, setting of the first mission of the game.
  • The Space Needle, a real-world monument, that Kun Lan lands on at the end of said first mission.
  • Garcian's Trailerhouse, where Garcian Smith and Harman Smith live.
  • The overpass where Garcian Smith and Christopher Mills often rendezvous.
  • The Coffee Shop where Garcian Smith and Hiro Kasai have one meeting.
  • ISZK Land, the shady amusement park owned by ISZK.
  • Curiously, the Blackburn Residence is stated to be in the "Mt. Area" of Seattle, despite being located more near the middle of Washington. It is possible that "Seattle" is being used here as slang for Washington, or that Seattle is significantly larger than in the real world, which would contradict the idea that killer7's Seattle mostly corresponds to the real city.
killer7 locations
Recurring Harman's Room · Garcian's Trailerhouse · Seattle, Washington · Overpass · Vinculum Gate · Colosseum
Angel "Celtic" Building
Sunset Gibsoft Islands · Washington, DC · Department of Defense · Restaurant Fukushima · Coffee Shop · KAKU building
Cloudman Ulmeyda InterCity · First Life, Inc.
Encounter Immigration and Naturalization Service · ISZK Land · Fitness Club · Blackburn Residence
Alter Ego Dominican Republic · Broadway
Smile Union Hotel · Coburn Elementary School
Lion Battleship Island · Shanghai

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