Sebastian (セバスチャン, Sebasuchan) is a character in Killer Is Dead. He is a 50-year-old British gentleman who has a strong obsession with vampires.

Sebastian lives in a castle somewhere in Europe, and dislikes being bothered by other people more than anything[1]. As a result, his home is filled with traps designed to hinder or dispose of unwanted guests. Despite his interest in vampires, he prefers the taste of wine to blood, as evidenced by the extensive number of wine bottles hidden throughout the castle[2].

Mondo Zappa is hired by a mysterious, bandaged vampire woman named Betty to kill Sebastian, who she says was responsible for severely harming her. When Mondo encounters him, Sebastian transforms into a demonic, winged creature and attacks.

Official website descriptionEdit

A charming gentleman with an elegant, sophisticated manner to him. Fascinated by vampires, he’s afforded himself the opportunity to transform into a heinous-looking monster of vampiric influence.
He prefers to drink wine over blood, however, as he finds all those traditional vampire tropes to be thoroughly passe.


His appearance[3] is almost certainly a reference to Vincent Price[4], who is an actor well known for his portrayals and voice-overs in horror themed movies, plays and dramas. Price famously is associated with Dracula (although it has been noted that he's turned down the role of playing Count Dracula in film numerous times), going as far as making a documentary called Vincent Price's Dracula about the creation and mythos of the character, perhaps its Vincent's fascination for the character that inspired Sebastian's similar intrigue for vampires.


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